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Oil Absorbents


Ceylaneo Coco Peat Oil Absorbent Blocks, a revolutionary product designed to effectively and environmentally clean up oil spills and industrial accidents. Our Coco Peat Oil Absorbent Blocks offer superior oil absorption capabilities while being sustainable and eco-friendly.

Key Features of Ceylaneo Coco Peat Oil Absorbent Blocks

Highly Absorbent

Our Coco Peat Oil Absorbent Blocks have exceptional oil absorption properties. They can quickly and efficiently absorb a wide range of oils, greases, and hydrocarbons, including petroleum-based products.

Versatile and Effective

Whether it's on land or water, our Coco Peat Oil Absorbent Blocks provide reliable and efficient cleanup. They can be used in various industries, including manufacturing, transportation, oil and gas, and marine environments.

Eco-Friendly Solution

We prioritize environmental sustainability. Our Coco Peat Oil Absorbent Blocks are made from natural coconut coir, a renewable resource. By using our product, you contribute to a cleaner and greener future.

Easy to Use

The blocks are designed for ease of application. Simply place the Coco Peat Oil Absorbent Blocks on the surface of the spilled oil or place them in containment booms to contain and absorb the oil. The blocks will rapidly absorb the oil, minimizing the spread and reducing cleanup time.

Efficient Cleanup

The Coco Peat Oil Absorbent Blocks efficiently encapsulate the absorbed oil, preventing leaching or re-release into the environment. This ensures a thorough and effective cleanup process.

Disposal and Reuse

After absorbing the oil, the blocks can be collected, squeezed, or mechanically pressed to extract the absorbed oil. The blocks can then be safely disposed of or, in some cases, reused for applications such as fuel briquettes or as a soil conditioner.

Choose Ceylaneo Coco Peat Oil Absorbent Blocks for effective and eco-friendly oil spill cleanup. With our product, you can trust in its reliability, efficiency, and commitment to protecting the environment.